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The oil thus extracted from a wooden Ghani was called as wood pressed oil. It was also referred to as cold-pressed oil.


This was a natural process or method of extracting oil. Heat isn't applied during the extraction- unlike refined oil, this natural method is called cold-pressed.


This method ensures that they are high in nutrition and have a great taste and aroma.


Oils extracted using the ancient wooden mills driven by bulls. This process protects the good contents of the grains such as vitamins, proteins and nutrients.

The extracted oils are cold pressed, virgin and unrefined.


Groundnut oil is great source of vitamin E which helps as an anti-oxidant,protecting the body from harmful substances and which also helps in best immune system  


Groundnut oil usually has a mild or neutral flavor but, if made with roasted peanuts, has a stronger peanut flavor and aroma.



  • helps in improving blood pressure 
  • helps in lowering blood pressure 
  • helps in prevent stomach problems 
  • provides skin care 
  • helps in improving heart  health
  • helps is maintaining cholesterol level
  • helps to get rid of acne and black heads 
  • used in aromatherapy
  • helps in improving hair health 

Groundnut Oil - Palli Nune - 1000ml

100 Milliliters
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